According to a North American Study, 1 in 3 businesses believe they overpay on their taxes

According to a North American Study, 1 in 3 businesses believe they overpay on their taxes by failing to claim more deductions and credits.

Stop giving your hard-earned money to the taxman!

The benefit of using an accounting firm to help you file your taxes can’t be underscored enough.

Although most entrepreneurs are quite capable of filing their own taxes and taking their own deductions, the added value of hiring a tax professional with years of experience to examine your records, assist you with tax planning, and file your taxes is a worthwhile investment.

A good tax professional can help you develop tax strategies and claim tax deductions to reduce the amount of tax you pay.

What are Tax Services?

Our tax filing services help you stay in compliance with the law to ensure that you’re paying income tax and sales tax to the government and/or respective province or state when it’s due. Generally, a business needs to be concerned with three levels of tax:

  1. Corporate tax
  2. Sales tax
  3. International tax (if applicable)
Our tax services include:

T2 corporate tax filing

Corporate tax filing

GST/HST filing

CRA audit assistance

Tax filing and planning for sole proprietorships

Tax filing and planning for partnerships

T1 personal tax filing


Our Tax Solutions

Tax Filing  

Do you need help filing your taxes? We can help with that.

Are you late filing taxes or have missed the deadline? No problem! We’ll help you take care of it.

Moreover, we will make sure to let you know of changes in deadlines and tax law that could affect how and when you need to file and pay your taxes. If you’re wondering how you can decrease the taxes you pay and keep more of your hard-earned money, talk to our tax professionals today to understand how you could claim more deductions and credits to reduce your tax bill.

Tax Planning

Unlike other accountants that meet with you once a year, we speak to our clients every week or month. These frequent touchpoints allow us to give you tax planning advice in REAL-TIME. What’s the point of meeting your accountant at the end of the year to give you tax advice? If the year is done, how beneficial is their tax advice?

We’re not like other accountants. We talk to our clients on a weekly and monthly basis so that we can provide real-time tax planning advice. At the end of the year, your tax position is set up in the most efficient way to take full advantage of the deductions and credits you could claim. Let us help you keep your hard-earned cash and stop overpaying the taxman!