Virtual CFO Services
Use our CFO services to improve your decision making process
Virtual CFO

If you already have a solid bookkeeping solution but are looking to derive insights and data from your numbers to make business decisions, our fractional and virtual CFO solutions are the answer.

Why Use Virtual CFO Services?

Once your business reaches a certain scale and size, the decisions you make as a business owner have bigger consequences and risks.

It is when you’re making these “big” decisions that you need to have data to evaluate the financial consequences of a decision. A good CFO will help you answer the following questions:

  • Do we have money to hire employees?
  • How much cash are we burning each month?
  • Should we invest in buying a new piece of equipment?
  • If our revenue is growing so quickly, why is our cash balance so low?
  • If we continue to grow our business, how much revenue and profit will we make next year?
Our virtual CFO services include:

A dedicated fractional CFO from our team for your business

Everything in our Bookkeeping services

Business modeling and financial projections for your business

Cash flow management and planning

Developing business metrics for you to track in your business

Business performance audit

Board reporting, audit assistance, and CRA support

Accounts receivable management (invoicing your clients)

Accounts payable management (paying your bills)

Why Hire a Virtual CFO?

There is a common misconception that a CFO is a “glorified bookkeeper” who ensures that your books are in order. While it is true that a CFO ensures that your books are in order, a CFO does much more than that!

CFOs take a strategic view of your business. A great CFO becomes the right-hand woman/man to the CEO. They do this by providing insights and data to improve business performance (e.g., to increase pricing or lower expenses) and provide strategic advice for operational decisions (e.g., can we afford to hire someone?)

Learn more about why you should hire a Virtual CFO.

Improve Business Performance

A great CFO can help you develop a business model for a company to determine how the business will perform next year or in five years. Business modeling requires a CFO to determine the most important operational metrics of a business.

For example, for a SAAS business, Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) is a key metric that a lot of CEOs and investors pay attention to. ARR is driven by two underlying factors: (1) the number of users you have and (2) pricing. A good CFO will help you determine how to increase your ARR by leveraging periodic price increases or by focusing on user growth and acquisition. 


Guidance for Operational Decisions

A CFO helps the CEO make day-to-day operational decisions by providing data and insights for decision-making. Whether you’re deciding to hire more people on your team, looking to spend money on marketing and sales, applying for a bank loan, or looking to raise money from investors, a CFO can help you with all these decisions.

For example, if you’re a rapidly growing startup and need to hire more people on your team, how would you decide how many people to hire and when? A good CFO can help you develop a forecast for your business to determine when you will have the money to make these critical hiring decisions.


Strategic Decision-Making

This is the most value-added benefit of a CFO to an organization. A CFO can provide strategic guidance to an organization when it is required to make critical business decisions. A CFO’s strategic guidance can help you with (i) long-term pricing decisions, (ii) Deciding whether to launch a new product or service line, (iii) International expansion, and (iv) helping the CEO and board decide whether it’s a good idea to sell the company or to acquire a competitor.

Our Virtual CFO Solutions

Business Modeling  

We’ve worked with dozens of startups to develop business models and projections used for fundraising, board reporting, or business planning. If you need help developing a financial model for your business or require assistance with developing financial projections for your business, we can help.

Our team is uniquely positioned to help you with budgeting, forecasting, and business modelling. Whether you’re just getting started, thinking of expanding, or would like to make an acquisition, our professionals can help you with your decision. 

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Our FP&A services help companies forecast future business growth and profitability while considering economic trends and reviewing past performance. If you’re looking for help with day-to-day operational decisions such as guidance on hiring decisions, launching a new product line or service, or thinking of international expansion, our professionals can help you develop forecasts and business cases to provide the data and insights you need for decision-making.


If you’re looking to sell your business, acquire a competitor, or raise debt/equity, our CFO services can assist you with these big strategic decisions. Our professionals have worked in financial advisory and capital markets. We’ve helped dozens of owner-managed companies with valuations, due diligence, equity raising, and debt raising.